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Our highly skilled geotechnical team conduct a range of geotechnical investigations and environmental assessments, which are supported in a timely manner by a NATA accredited material testing laboratory. We provide fast turn-around service on and offsite to keep your project on track and meet customer and council requirement sooner.


A Geotechnical investigation provides an assessment of existing geotechnical conditions to allow for a cost-effective design. We offer a comprehensive range of investigative and testing services to all sectors including residential, civil construction, infrastructure including housing and unit developments. Our reports and assessments outline the relevant details pertaining to geology, soil profiles, recommendations for excavations, footings and foundations.

Environmental assessments are commonly undertaken for land development complying with councils for Development Application (DA) approval.


We provide the following services:


Site Classifications

A site classification, also known as a soil or lot classification is a series of tests conducted on a site to classify the soil conditions, enabling the engineer to design the building foundations. The purpose of a site classification is to determine the expected level of reactive soil movement on your site.


Site classifications include:

  • Bore hole drilling
  • Density Soil profiles (DCP’s or PP’s)
  • Above surface features and observations
  • Soil classification
  • Wind Classification



Land Development & Sub Division Assessments

For any site being developed or sub-divided, councils will typically require a detail geotechnical and environmental assessment or the sub surface to understand the suitability of the soil including identifying above surface features that may impact the suitability of the building/s development.   



Laboratory Soil Testing & Analysis

Where required site investigations are supported by a NATA accredited soil testing laboratory. Soil samples are tested following NATA’s guidelines ensuring quality results to assist in the design of building foundations.


Some typical laboratory services include:

  • Plasticity index tests of soils and aggregates (Atterberg limits)
  • Moisture contents of soils and aggregates
  • Maximum dry density of soils and aggregates
  • Shrink/swell index of soils
  • Moisture content
  • Salinity testing
  • Soil sampling


Bearing Capacity Assessments

A bearing capacity assessment can be conducted to determine the ability of the ground to support design loads for a proposed structure. This information is used for structural footing design as the minimum required allowable bearing capacity of the material.


Pavement Investigations

Pavement investigations are a cost-effective solution for design of a new pavement or improvement /remediation of an existing pavement for residential/industrial subdivisions and other road projects.


Compaction Testing

Level 1 and Level 2 testing & inspection in accordance with AS3798-2007 Guidelines on earthworks for commercial and residential developments. Our team will assist you in all aspects of your Level 1 or Level 2 project. This will ensure your project conforms to the design loads and technical specifications for your project.


Environmental Assessments

Our team can also provide site investigations and laboratory testing for the following range of environmental assessments:

  • Acid Sulphate Soil Assessment & Management Plan
  • In situ Permeability/Soil Infiltration
  • Wastewater Management Report
  • Contaminated land assessment
  • VENM & ENM Assessments