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The company provides Engineering Services in the Residential, Light Commercial and Industrial market sectors.
Our projects range from Small Residential Additions to Multi Unit Developments and Industrial complexes.


Residential design and construction supervision is one of the core functions of the company. Our work varies from Home Extensions, Granny Flats, Project Homes, Prestige Custom Homes to Multi-housing; townhouses and villas. Below are residential projects we have engineered. 

Completed Prestige Home - San Souci 

Completed Project - Prestige Home San Souci

Prestige Home San Souci 

Dincel Walls to Basement - San Souci 

Structural Steel Design - Bella Vista Home

Swimming Pool & Structural Steel Design

Swimming Pool - Prestige Home San Souci 

Dincel Walls to Basement - Prestige Home

Curved Structural Steel Roof - Bella Vista Home

Timber framed Residential Home

Steel Framed Residential Housing

Granny Flat Design

Form Craft Wall System Installation

Form Craft Wall System Balmain Waterfront Home

Cupolex Void Form Slab System

Structural Beams and Posts

Bored Concrete Piers for Waffle Pod Slab

Screw Pile Installation 

Raft Slab Earthworks

Waffle Pod Slab