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Practical & Cost Effective

Nastasi and Associates provides practical and cost effective structural engineering solutions in the Residential, Commercial and Industrial market sectors. Our projects range from small residential additions, alterations to multi-storey apartments and large industrial complexes. On our larger projects we utilise the latest 3D Modelling Analysis and design packages enabling us to communicate and interface with Architects and other consultants that are part of the design team in an efficient manner. 

As part of our structural services we undertake:


  • Residential Additions and Renovations

  • Project Homes

  • Multi Unit Town House Developments

  • Custom Luxury Residences

  • Granny Flats & Studios

  • Swimming Pools

  • Retaining Wall Structures

  • Foundation Rectifications/Underpinning

  • Multi-level Office/Apartment Buildings

  • Industrial Buildings

  • Service Stations

  • Site Inspections and Certification

  • Temporary Works, Design and Certification

  • Formwork Inspections

  • Foundation, Beam & Column Design

  • Roof Structures

  • Structural Adequacy Reports

  • Dilapidation Reports


House Additions | Project Homes | Custom Prestige Homes | Duplexes | Granny Flats

Our hands on approach allows our engineering practice to cater for small additions, owner builders, and engineering solutions for some of the largest builders. This approach, on a daily basis provides us the right balance to meet our clients expectations in time, cost, build-ability & quality.


Additional Engineering with Residential Designs

  • Pools; Design of reinforcement, foundation concrete piers or screw piles.

  • Driveway slab design, kerb and gutters. See Civil Engineering for more details.

  • Retaining walls; footing design and consideration of supporting structural materials. See Civil Engineering for more details.

  • Water retention pits and management. See Hydraulics.

  • Integrated Carport or Deck; beam, posts and footing design.

  • Provide reports and certification for authorities and councils.


    New Building Systems

    In the design process we consider and offer alternative solutions where appropriate for better build-ability and costs. Some current new building systems we consider include:

    • Cupolex (Void form slab systems)

    • Biax (Void form slab systems)

    • Screw Piles

    • Dinsel Structural Walling

    • COMPI-BAR (structural lintels and connections)

    • Lightweight Steel Framing Systems


    Structural Inspections

    We inspect building sites daily. Below is a list of the most common inspections we carry out.

    • Pier inspection (Bored Concrete Piers or Screw Piles)

    • Screw pier design / inspection

    • Slab steel reinforcement inspection

    • Concrete column steel reinforcement

    • Structural steel beams & posts inspection

    • Timber/steel framing inspection

    • Retaining walls

    • Swimming pools


    Retail Shopfronts | Service Stations | Age Care Units | Multi-level Offices/Apartments | Sporting Facilities

    Our team of engineers have extensive experience in the commercial sector with a wide range of projects completed. We are regularly engaged to design Service Stations, Schools, Office buildings, Multi storey buildings, Modular Complex buildings, Shop fronts, Commercial Awnings, Covered Pedestrian Walkways, Structural Modification/Refurbishment, Community Centres and Clubs


    Every project requires management, however with commercial projects our hands on approach makes liasing with third party consultants, certifiers and government authorities more efficient. At Nastasi we have dedicated engineers for your project, giving you a personal service during design and construction of your project.

    Age Care Units - Warriewood

    Multi Storey Commercial, Retail & Apartments

    Service station - Structural steel

    Commercial building - Bondi


    Factories | Warehouses | Mezzanine Floors | Portal Frames | Manufacturing Structures | Large Industrial Complexes

    Industrial buildings can vary widely and the engineering required. Nastasi & Associates engineering capabilities have grown over the 20 years with many industrial buildings, structures and facilities engineered. We have designed and documented industrial projects with values up to $160 million. 


    Here is a short list of light to heavy industrial projects we've engineered

    • Portal frame sheds

    • Large factory complexes

    • Manufacturing plants

    • Mezzanine floors for occes and storage

    • Large span industrial roof frames

    • Tilt up factories

    • Gantry cranes

    • Industrial driveway slabs, ramps and suspended slabs

    • Silos and Agricultural structures

    Portal frame piping factory - Prestons

    Structural steel frame - Unilever processing plant

    Tilt up construction - Smeaton Grange

    Industrial Paper Mill, Amcor - Botany