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Stormwater Solutions

One of the biggest issues that local Governments face with the increasing population and associated development is the strain on new and existing stormwater infrastructure. Local Governments have developed strict stormwater rules and policies which are often the biggest hurdle for development approvals. This requires a consultant with a strong knowledge of Council requirements and a good working relationship with these councils. Our Stormwater team at Nastasi & Associates is experienced in this complex “mine field” and can advise you early of what you are up for as well as providing a design that will be approved quickly. Our plans are detailed and specific to the needs of the site, council policies, Australian Standards and the BCA.

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Stormwater Management Plans

We specialise in the design of stormwater management systems for residential, commercial and industrial developments. These plans are undertaken for Development Application, Complying Development and Construction Certificate applications. Our projects range from Granny Flats, Apartment buildings and Industrial complexes.


Flood studies, Music Modelling, Reports and Certificates

Nastasi and Associates undertakes detailed flood studies and flood management reports for flood affected properties using the latest software packages. We also provide certificates and Reports for CDC submissions in Flood affected areas.


Stormwater Inspections and WAE certification

Our team undertakes stormwater inspections during construction to ensure you meet the development requirements. At the conclusion of the works our Registered surveyors can produce a WAE plan which is passed onto our stormwater team for final certification ensuring you don’t have to worry about coordinating consultants and speeding up the final approval process.


In situ Permeability/Soil Infiltration

In situ permeability report is required to calculate the soils hydraulic conductivity. Water is used as a test fluid to assess the ability of the water to flow through the soil through a void space. These tests are used to assist Hydraulic engineers in their hydraulic / stormwater designs and can also be requested by councils.


Hydraulic Analysis Reports

To support your Development Application (DA) to council, Nastasi & Associates can provide Hydraulic Analysis of existing trunk systems and easements. 


Public Domain Works and Driveway designs

Nastasi and Associates are accredited to provide supervision and certification of public domain works  including council crossings and footpaths. In addition we can undertake driveway designs including long sections and details to AS2890.1    

Stormwater Hydraulic Reports & Examples

Duplex Basin

  Duplex OSD Tanks

Single No OSD

Commercial Development

Industrial Development

Apartment Stormwater Mngt

Townhouse OSD Basin

Single Absorption System

Single RWT Spreader System